Start Sorting the Stuff

Last night, with our common habit of romantic-plus-hilarious text message exchanges, the move to Yellowknife became the official plan.

Now on to the fairly large endeavour of moving my entire life from one city to another city a couple thousand kilometres away. The biggest and most time consuming part of this is dealing with the stuff. As luck would have it, I’m a minimalist and have already decluttered to the point where I was able to count and list everything I own – about 450 items. This includes only one piece of large furniture and many small items that take limited space.

Because I am moving into a fully furnished apartment, I mostly only need to bring personal belongings. I’ve used my item list to start the decision process of what to bring along, and currently I’m down to about 125 items*, many of which are very small. I’ll be re-purchasing a few things in Yellowknife, that are either impractical to ship, or are old and I need to replace anyhow. Eventually my total possessions should be around 150; quite a lovely low number for a minimalist.

But the actual process of reducing and moving my things is a lot harder than modifying a spreadsheet. Things that I’m taking into account include:

  • When can I get rid of the item? Immediately or last minute?
  • Is it worth attempting to sell?
  • Is it appropriate to give to the thrift store?
  • Or is it only good for a free-giveaway on Kijiji or should it just be thrown away?
  • Is this something my ex would want or I can just leave with my housemate? (These are the best ways to get rid of things.)

As far as items I’m bringing, I want to make sure I only bring things that I use consistently, really like (especially for clothes – the biggest section), or aren’t replaceable. Even though YK is a lot smaller than I’m used to, it has all the major stores, and there’s always online shopping, so if I’m not sure that I need something it’s better to not bring it.

My plan of attack is to start with items that I can take to the thrift store ASAP. If I can get those out of the way it will make my current quarters feel less chaotic. Decluttering paperwork is also a priority. I tend to save paper items with a plan to refer back to them in the future, but I need to be honest with myself if this is ever actually going to happen. Paperwork sorting will also allow me to find any user manuals for electronics I will be selling.

The other part I’ll take on very soon is having my ex come over and reclaim any items that he wants. This is win-win, as he avoids some purchases and I get rid of a lot of moderately sized items quickly and with no hassle.

The decluttering project weighs heavily on my mind and also gives me something to work on while I wait for the days to pass (29!), so I’m eager to work on it. Updates on my progress will follow.

*Current rough estimate of items I’m planning to take if you are interested:

sheet set 1
extra top sheet 1
shoes 3
boots 1
shirts 12
sweaters 4
pants/skirts/shorts 10
dresses 3
underwear 12
socks 3
belt 1
coats/jackets 4
swim suit 1
blazer 1
scarves 2
gloves/mittens 4
hat 1
mug 1
nut cracker 1
tortilla press 1
glass tupperware 5
comb 1
nail trimmers 1
hot water bottle 1
laptop/tablet 1
phone 1
mouse 1
keyboard 1
mousepad 1
notepad 1
calculator 1
flash drive 1
greeting card packs 2
files/records 1
karate book 1
scissors 2
playing cards 1
knitting project 1
knitting needle sets 4
crochet hooks 4
cross stitch project 1
various cross stitch floss 1
sewing kit 1
board game project 1
hair things 2
black belt 1
glasses 1
mementoes 8
jewelry 3
large plastic bins 3
stethoscope 1
backpack 1
purse 1

Total: 124

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