Decluttering Complete and Other Moving Preparations

bins, boxes, bags for moving

My downsized life.

Today I am ten days away from my move to Yellowknife. Yesterday I spent several hours organizing and packing my remaining items. Excluding the few currently-used pieces which will be sold, given away, or thrown away in the final days, the above picture shows all of my possessions. It’s about one closet worth of stuff, about 24 cubic feet, or 5 bins, 1 box, 1 monitor, 1 backpack, 1 small duffle bag, my winter coat and winter boots.

I even went shopping recently for a few more clothes and boots and was able to fit my new purchases within these containers. Soon I’ll be mailing half of this up to Yellowknife. The rest will go on the plane. 

With the moving date quickly approaching, the other goal I have is trying to use up food and disposable items to try to minimize waste, and decrease how much I have to ship. Ideally by moving day I’ll be down to nothing of many items. This is fairly easy to do with things such as fruit that are easily countable and can be bought in small quantities. Other products are a little more challenging, as you are forced to purchase particular volumes. Luckily it seems that some of the items are just working out close to perfect anyhow — laundry soap, for instance.

As far as food it really helped that in September I planned to (and mostly succeeded at) buying only produce. Therefore, I already didn’t have a large stockpile of non-perishable food. And now that amount is becoming quite small. I’m cooking in smaller batches to ensure there isn’t extra cooked food at the end. I will transport any leftover dried rice and beans, but the amounts will be small.

That is my current move progress. Soon I’ll be posting from the other side – adjusting to life in Yellowknife.

Here is a picture from my walk in Winnipeg yesterday. It was 16C.


Yellowknife already has some snow and temperatures around freezing. It will be a quick transition from fall to winter very shortly. Keep checking back for comparison pictures from my new city.

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