A Big Life Change Awaits

Lake in Yellowknife

At the beginning of September I was happily living my random, semi-retired life. I was studying, walking more, and trying to reduce my grocery spending.

Today I’m planning a probable move to Yellowknife, NWT, likely by November – just at the beginning of a long, dark, cold winter. Am I crazy? Maybe. But I don’t feel crazy. I’m at peace with my decision. Sometimes the unknown challenge is the only path that makes any sense.

Why this sudden life change? There is only one answer; I met a man (all of three weeks ago). He lives in Yellowknife and wants to stay there, at least for now.

Should I be the one to move halfway across the country? Why not him? To answer that I’ll review my current situation:

  • self-employed, but with no ongoing clients yet
  • extreme minimalist with virtually no furniture and limited possessions
  • planning my business for utmost location independence
  • living my life saying “yes” to any interesting opportunity

I’ll interject here to state that this man is much more to me than just an “interesting opportunity”. I see a real potential future together. But at this distance we can’t date in the traditional sense. I have already visited him; this is not quite as rash a decision as it may look. We have discussed a great deal of the “big issues” that any couple planning cohabitation or marriage should be discussing. We have had the types of conversations that confirm to each other that we are both capable of honest and direct communication, even with uncomfortable topics.

So there is a risk here, I am fully aware. Living together, plus a new city for me, and a harsh winter for both of us, may prove challenging.

However, this is the peaceful part; there is no other option. I refuse to live my life with regrets. I need to find out if we can have the type of relationship that I suspect we can have. The only way to find out is to jump into it. Staying here in my safe little Winnipeg sphere will not answer that question.

And regardless of the timeframe every serious relationship has a mysterious ending. There is no way to know what will happen, whether you have known each other a week, a decade, or more. At some point, at this point, you make a decision and know that you will deal with the results, whatever they may be.

So that is my current life. If you’d like to read more about my move from a (relatively) southern city to a sub-arctic, much smaller one, keep checking back. I also intend to write more about my thoughts on relationships, especially quick-moving ones, such as this.

Questions and comments are always welcomed.


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